Updated: February 07, 2020
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10 MUST TRY DESSERTS in Harajuku, on and around Takeshita Street!


Takeshita street (Takeshita dori) in Harajuku, Tokyo is famous for its cute (kawaii) fashion and many visitors enjoy shopping there. When you come to Takeshita street, don't forget to try their delicious food too. Here are 10 recommended places to have desserts and snacks while taking a break in the area.

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Gomaya Kuki

Gomaya Kuki is a famous sesame ice cream parlor that has been featured on Japanese TV and magazines several times. It's kind of obvious that Japanese people would love sesame ice cream, as sesame is a very common traditional ingredient in Japan, but what are the thoughts of people from outside Japan? Well, judging by the huge amount of Instagram posts by non-Japanese people, it seems like this is an amazing hit no matter where you come from.

People describe the sesame ice cream as "unworldly", and that it has the "perfect balance of sweetness and sesame flavor". It takes the sesame oil of about 9000 seeds to make a single scoop, so the taste is incredibly rich, the texture is super smooth, and you get an interesting deep aroma and a nutty flavor that takes this ice cream in a league of its own.

For something special, you should try their Japanese-style parfaits (pictured above) that include some traditional ingredients such as matcha pudding and mochi rice balls.

The standard 2-scoop bowl is super satisfying in itself, however. You can try two different kinds of sesame ice cream (white and black).
They have several interesting menu items. One of them is a deep-fried sesame ice cream tempura ball, fried in sesame oil and coated with sesame seeds. Their thick pancake topped with ice cream are amazing too. As free extras, you can sprinkle some sesame seeds and add some pure sesame oil to further enhance the taste.

This is a highly recommended cafe. You'll be blown away by the rich ice cream made from the product of Japan's most renowned sesame purveyor Kuki Sangyo, which has been around since the Meiji era.

Gomaya Kuki is located about a 5-minute walk from Harajuku Station.


If you walk through Takeshita street, you would find this pink, food truck-like crepe shop. It sometimes has a line, but don't worry, service is quick!
They have A LOT of options so you might have trouble choosing. They are ranging around 400-600 yen each.
A safe bet is anything with caramel, cheesecake or strawberries, or all three because why not! It's really nice to do some people watching on Takeshita street while enjoying your tasty treat.
If you still don't know what to get, you can also try "creme brulee crepe"! You can choose between strawberry, banana, and matcha green tea for your creme brulee crepe filled with lots of custard and whipped cream. The top is caramelized like a creme brulee.

Mizuho (瑞穂)

Mizuho is a wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) shop of longstanding (opened in 1981). Wagashi fans rave about their daifuku rice cakes. They're freshly made from domestic ingredients, in-store every morning. The rice cake coating of the daifuku has a pleasant springy texture and there is a delicious sweet red bean paste inside. This is an amazing combination of traditional ingredient that goes wonderfully well with a cup of green tea.

Mizuho is a take-out only shop.

Zaku Zaku (ザクザク)

This is also on Takeshita street and you can find it easily while walking on Takeshita street.
"Zaku zaku" means crunchy in Japanese. This dessert is a cream puff stick, which looks like churros but is very crunchy on the outside and filled with rich custard cream. And they are only 250 yen!
They are freshly baked in the shop.


This is a place where you can enjoy what Japanese call 'shime parfait', which translates roughly to an 'ending parfait'. It's becoming a thing in Japan to have delux parfaits late in the evening and this is exactly what it is. The shop is open from 11:00 to 23:30.

The parfaits are expensive at around ¥1,500 to ¥2,000 but they are absolutely gorgeous and made with quality Japanese ingredients and fruits. The menu changes with the season so so that the toppings are always fresh and in season.

Cookie time Cookie bar

Cookie time is from New Zealand and offers freshly baked big cookies and milkshakes. It's only one block away from the Takeshita street and just one minute walk from Harajuku station. You can't miss it because this red monster is waiting for you in front of the shop.
Can you believe it's finally in Japan? You can try New Zealand's famous warm and sweet cookies (300 yen) and a variety of milkshakes topped with lots of whipped cream, brownies, s'mores, or even with their cookies (500-800 yen). Nom nom nom! Talk about a rich treat!

Calbee +

Calbee is a Japanese snack company, which is especially famous for the chips. Here, on Takeshita street, you can get their freshly fried snacks. They also sell some snacks for souvenirs too.
Fries with cheese sauce is a highly recommended dish. You also have several options for your sauce such as maple & cream cheese and chocolate. They are all 220 yen.
The most controversial one might be the fries with ice cream if you want to try. A lot of people say it's actually really good!

Rainbow Pancake

Rainbow Pancake serves thick Hawaiian-style pancakes. You can order some sweet ones topped with lots of fresh fruit or some savoury ones that you can have for lunch or dinner.

The interior is nice and bright because the whole restaurant is surrounded by large windows. It's a really great spot to have a little rest from the busy streets of Harajuku.

Totti Candy Factory

Located on the 2nd floor of a building on Takeshita street.
This giant and rainbow cotton candy is super Insta-worthy! It is huge and only 800 yen, so maybe you can share it with your friends, or have it all on your own.
The interior is also cute. You can experience Harajuku "kawaii" culture.


Pastry chef Michalak opened this Tokyo cafe after having gained years of experience at five-star restaurants in France. The quality of everything is exceptional. From the good raw ingredients used to the perfect combination of flavors, to the beautiful appearance of each piece, everything is a feast for the senses. You can enjoy a cake and hot beverage set for ¥1,300.


Harajuku is full of "kawaii" and unique stuff, such as exceptional desserts! Try one or more of these places to have a delicious and fun experience.

Wondering what other things to do in Takeshita street?

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