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Enjoy Kawara Soba (Specialty From Yamaguchi) In Tokyo At Kawara Tokyo! All-You-Can-Drink Option Available Too! [PR]


Kawara Soba is located in Kayabacho, Tokyo, at a 1-minute walk from the Kayabacho Station. You can enjoy there a dish called Kawara Soba and other local specialties - including sake! - from Yamaguchi Prefecture. There is even an all-you-can-drink option that includes some high-quality sake.

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Kawara Tokyo: local Yamaguchi cuisine near Kayabacho Station

Enjoy many culinary specialties from Yamaguchi that are made with local ingredients as well. You can also have many types of sake made in Yamaguchi.

The all-black restaurant from the outside looks chic, but when you walk in, it gives out a calming warmth from the mainly wooden interior and it has a homely feeling. It's like a refuge from the bustle of the city.

The house's recommended course

A Taste Of Yamaguchi Course, ¥4,000 (taxes included)
*dishes may vary
For something with lots of variety, try the Taste Of Yamaguchi Course. You will get the famous Kawara Soba, fugu (blowfish) from Shimoseki, and some free-range chicken from Choshu. There are in total 12 different items that make this course. Order some local sake to pair with your course for a complete taste of Yamaguchi.

Have your Kawara Soba in two different styles

Kawara Soba is one of the most well-known local foods of Yamaguchi. The name means literally "tile soba" because the dish is cooked and served on a hot tile. It includes eggs, beef, nori seaweed, leek, lemon, momoji oroshi. The noodles are surprisingly crispy, and the taste of the lemon mixed in with the mentsuyu (soy-based sauce) is really nice.

There are two variations of mentsuyu you can have: one that is spicy, and another one that is slightly sweet. The sweet one is the traditional one from Yamaguchi, whereas the spicy one is an original creation.

Shirosaba Fugu from Shimoseki

This is another specialty from Yamaguchi. This Shirosaba Fugu, an exquisite kind of blowfish, is made karaage-style. It doesn't because hard when cooked, so the outside is crispy and the inside is still soft. Many people enjoy this fried fish simply seasoned with lemon juice.

Cold tofu with fish flakes

This is called in Japanese hiyayakko, which is simply a block of tofu served cold. As a topping, you have some beautiful pink fish flakes. They are flakes made from fish paste and not the common bonito flakes.

This simple dish is packed with tasty fish umami!

Ubekama no itawasa

This is a delicacy from Yamaguchi that consists of a fish paste of a fish called "eso" mixed with Ocean salt from Okinawa. What is special about it is the cooking technique that doesn't grill the paste so it stays almost white as snow. The texture is similar to sashimi and the taste is exquisite.

A citrusy mozuku seaweed dish

The mikan oranges used for this dish are grown in Osakado. The mozuku seaweed is seasoned with vinegar and the zest of mikan oranges. The combination of taste is spot on. The summery smell of the mikan oranges makes it very refreshing.

Many kinds of sakes from Yamaguchi Prefecture and an all-you-can-drink option!

All-you-can-drink (including high-grade Yamaguchi local sake)
¥2,000/2 hours, ¥3,000/3 hours (including taxes)

All-you-can-drink (not including Yamaguchi local sake)
¥1,500/2 hours, ¥2,250/3 hours (including taxes)

Why not have some local Yamaguchi sake to complement your meal? Kawara Tokyo serves 19 kinds of Yamaguchi sakes, 10 of which are on the all-you-can-drink menu. The sake called Dassai (included in the all-you-can-drink) is particularly recommended.
It's rare to find some so many kinds of sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture in a Tokyo restaurant. Make sure to try a few kinds while you enjoy the local cuisine of Yamaguchi.

You can have the Kawara Soba for lunch too

Note that you can also enjoy the Kawara Soba dish at lunchtime from 11:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.


You can find so many kinds of local cuisines in Japan, and the one from Yamaguchi is definitely worth trying. Don't hesitate to go to this awesome restaurant. Kawara Tokyo is located at just a minute walk from the Kayabacho Station.
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