Updated: December 06, 2019
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Takanashi Milk Restaurant: A Cheese Lover's Dream Come True


Takanashi Milk Restaurant is any cheese lover's dream come true. Takanashi is an excellent quality dairy producer in Japanese. Takanashi Milk Restaurant is a huge hit in Japan and often has quite a line-up. For any self-respecting cheese-lover, you need to stop by this resto!

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Takanashi Milk Restaurant

For those of you who are not Japanese, you might not know, but Takanashi is a high-quality dairy producer in Japan. Most respectable coffee shops in Japan offer Takanashi milk to complement their coffee.
As Takanashi specializes in dairy products, they naturally make amazing cheese. If you are a self-proclaimed cheese-lover, you definitely have to stop by this restaurant for lunch or dinner to try their dishes where cheese has the main role.


There are 6 delicious lunch plates to choose from, which also includes access to the fresh cheese and cream bar. You can try all of the specialty cheese with some olive oil or confiture and their delicious bread. The lunch plates include pasta, salad, meat, etc.
Lunch plates are 1,400-1500 yen on weekdays; and 1,600-1,700 yen on weekends and holidays.
The dinner menu is a la carte and includes much more choice, such as gratin, pizza and pasta. There are also tons of dessert to choose from, such as tiramisu, milk pudding, fromage blanc mousse, etc.


If you would like to try some delicious cheese made in Japan, you need to stop by Takanashi Milk Restaurant to get your cheese fix. The restaurant is only a few minutes walk from Minatomirai Station.
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