Updated: July 06, 2018
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A New Seasonal Drink At Coisof: A Mango Shake


In Harajuku, the much talked about Coisof is offering a limited-time only drink from July 7th to 22nd 2018. The Taiwan mango Coi-shake is a refreshing drink made with exquisite mangoes and yogurt. As toppings, they used "oiri" (a Japanese sweet) and is the perfect summer drink!

Jul 06, 2018(Fri) - Jul 22, 2018(Sun)
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This summer, a limited-time only drink: Taiwan Mango Coi-shake

From July 6th to July 22nd, on Harajuku's Takeshita Dori, Coisof will be offering a limited-time only drink, the Taiwan Mango Coi Shake. It is made with delicious fresh mangoes.

The drink is rich and sweet thanks to the fresh mangoes, and is also very refreshing in this sweltering summer heat. The texture is delicious and the "oiri" on top give it an interesting twist. You can now enjoy this special drink for a limited time.

What: Taiwan Mango Coi Shake
How much: 800 yen (taxes included)
When: July 6th- 22nd, 2018

Sun-gorged fresh mangoes

Now is the season for fresh and delicious mangoes from Taiwan. These sun-gorged mangoes' characteristic is their rich and sweet smell.

What is "oiri"?

Oiri are a special and traditional sweet from Kagawa Prefecture. These oiri balls are used as a topping for this seasonal drink. They have a soft texture and slightly sweet.

Rich and sweet, yet refreshing. The perfect summer drink!

This drink is made with sun-bathed mangoes, which are sweet and rich, and a refreshing yogurt shake. The oiri add a soft texture.
Please enjoy this drink's delicious taste and fun texture.

The summer's perfect drink

From July 6th to July 22nd, come enjoy this mango and yogurt shake.

What: Taiwan Mango Coi Shake
How much: 800 yen (taxes included)
When: July 6th- 22nd, 2018
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