Updated: April 12, 2019
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Cafe Rigoletto in Kichijoji: Amazing Place For Pizza, Tapas And A Warm Mediterranean Atmosphere!

Cafe Rigoletto is one of the most popular restaurants for pizza in Kichijoji. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, the food is great and the prices are reasonable for the quality you get. No wonder people rave about this place. Read on to find out more about Cafe Rigoletto.

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Cafe Rigoletto

Cafe Rigoletto is located a 5-minute walk from Kichijoji Station's Park Exit. Conceptually, the restaurant is a cross between the standing bars of Spain and Italian restaurants. You can order both Italian and Spanish dishes there. The pizzas are particularly popular and there is a good selection of tapas aswell. The place is quite large, having close to 150 seats.
You dine or have lunch in a nice setting with a warm ambiance.


The best part thing about Rigoletto is perhaps their wood-fired, thick crust Italian pizzas. You can buy a lunch pizza from 950 yen, and for dinner, you can get bigger ones of 10 inches in diameter from 1,200 to 1,700 yen.
It's possible to divide your pizzas half and half if you want more variety. Their 11 choices include the popular Margherita, Tandoori Chicken and the Funghi Bismarck (shiitake mushrooms, bacon, eggs, mozzarella).
The pasta menu has 17 choices. The Peperoncini with Selected Garlic is a popular choice at only 600 yen. On the other end of the price spectrum, you can get the Lobster with Tomato Cream Sauce at 1,500 yen.
The Calamari Ink pasta dish has a generous amount of red calamari in it. This dish is 1,000 yen. On a side note, there is a gluten free option here for all the pasta dishes.
They have three delicious paella dishes too. The Seafood Paella shown above is 2,000 yen. You can also have Squid Ink (1,600 yen) or Duck and Foie Gras (1,850 yen).
The 500 yen tapas menu is something to try! Above is the Acciuga Fritta which contains sardines.
Rigoletto serves many kinds of salads that are exquisitely presented. Try the Green Salad with Prosciutto and Cream Cheese (shown above) and you won't be disappointed. Average price for a salad is about 800 yen.
Rigoletto has a vast selection of alcoholic drinks, most of which are between 500 and 900 yen. The bartender's recommendation includes an interesting selection of pear drinks: Pear Sangria (800 yen), Pear Mojito (900 yen) and a Pear Vodka Tonic (700 yen). There is also the recommended Margarita de Amistad (1,000 yen) which has jalapeno peppers and yuzu lemons in it.

Party Plans

Rigoletto in Kichijoji is a great place to go on a date or in large groups. Party plans are available for 2,500-3,000 yen per person and you can make it an all-you-can-drink for an extra 2,000 yen.


Don't miss your chance to try it when you are in Kichijoji. Cafe Rigoletto is located near the Inokashira Park.
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